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Angels4Olivia 2 Ads & Through The Line Campaign

The Problem

Yale University found young people being bullied were up to 9 times more likely to contemplate suicide than young people who are not being bullied. Research shows the public is aware that bullying can be unpleasant; however, people do not consciously make the link between bullying and severe mental illness that can lead to suicide. They see bullying as a less urgent cause than other causes to support. 

Objectives: To get the public to discuss the link between suicide and bullying. Target both parents and young people through separate & relevant channels to the age groups. Parents: TV and current affairs (on and offline). Young people: Through their rockstar idols/social media.


- For four weeks, we got the 2 TVCs added in-kind to national rotation on the 7 network, the highest-ranking TV broadcast network in Australia.

- The ads would then run on air for several more years. In the following months, we secured more in-kind advertising air time with various free-to-air television broadcast networks, which then grew to several years of overall airtime. 

- Sparked conversations across various media, including radio and online, about how severe bullying is and the impact. 

- We initially reached well over 3 million new feeds on Facebook through the musician's networks alone, which spread much further. 

- The campaign was reblogged thousands of times, sparking conversations across the globe.

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