Solar Direct - That's Bright (Branding, Web Design & Lead Generation UX)

The solar industry in Australia had a lot of companies doing faulty and very bad installations and using inferior products, which gave the industry a bad name. Also, the main bother was people didn't like dealing with salespeople.

Solar Direct wanted to communicate a brand that let the consumers have a say in what they wanted. As a result, they were the first in the eCommerce solar offering in Australia, where people didn't have to deal with a salesperson, and they could also rate solar installers. Also, the products used were from only top brands.

What We Did
We created the brand from scratch. The strategy was to guide and educate the customer with the information they needed to make an empowered, informed choice through eBooks and the information provided. We developed the brand tagline "That's Bright" to reflect the difference between Solar Bright and its competitors, direct services vs a salesperson with a predetermined agenda. We worked with the start-up from UX through to web design and logo design. We also developed their digital marketing strategy.

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